International conference on forest fire risk modelling and mapping

“Vulnerability to forest fire at wildland-urban interfaces”

30th of September, 1st and 2nd of October 2013

Aix en Provence, France


ForestFire 2013 is a conference organized by Irstea, the French National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture, to provide a valuable opportunity to share information about forest fire risk modelling and mapping with a focus on vulnerability in wildland urban interfaces (WUI). In Mediterranean regions, these interfaces are strongly vulnerable to forest fires but also concentrate most fire ignitions, this trend increasing with the global change. The conference will propose to better understand the vulnerability in these areas according to their spatial structure, components (fuel, stakes, etc.), resistance, resilience, exposure, firefighting, management, etc. The conference will try to sum up the scientific knowledge related to vulnerability assessment in WUI and to favour exchanges between researchers and land and risk managers, security services and general decision‐makers on this topic.

welcome2© Irstea / Christophe Bouillon, Mathieu Lestrade, Marlène Long-Fournel

Conference objectives

  • To create a forum where presenters and participants can integrate across disciplines
  • To describe lessons learned and discuss development of innovative and contemporary fuels management programs that reduce risks to communities and improve/ maintain ecosystem health
  • To raise awareness of the diversity of approaches, issues and ideas nationally and globally in wildland fire management
  • To showcase and promote development of innovative management and research ideas
  • To foster new collaborations among managers, researchers, firefighters, residents, communities, businesses, educational institutions and others in different regions and countries

Target Audience

  • Researchers and scientists
  • University students
  • Fire and forest managers
  • Fire management consultants
  • Agency fire administrators
  • Decision makers
  • Firefighters
  • Etc.

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 International Conference on Forest Fire Risk Modelling and Mapping “Anthropogenic Vulnerabilities to Forest Fire at Interfaces” 30th of September, 1st and 2nd of October 2013 Aix en Provence, France © Irstea / Mathieu Lestrade, Christophe Bouillon, Marlène Long-Fournel Outline Forest fire risk has two components: hazard and vulnerability. Because interfaces are areas where massive fuels …

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