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Climate data and forecasts raise concerns: the risk of forest fires, which may have appeared to be under control for some time, at least in some parts of Europe, seems to be increasing again and taking on new forms. Large fires of ever-increasing power are spreading in many parts of the world with a Mediterranean climate, while local outbreaks are multiplying in the most populated natural and interface areas. Many temperate regions, hitherto spared, are seeing this new emerging risk threaten ecosystems poorly adapted to such a disruption and vulnerable socio-systems, lacking the means to fight and cultivate fire risk.

It is in this context that for its third edition, ForestFire 2019 takes on a new dimension as part of the 6th International Fire Behaviors and Fuels Conference. ForestFire 2019 will take place in Marseille from 29 April to 3 May, and will be the European edition of the 6th IFBFC, in parallel and in interaction with the conferences in Albuquerque (USA) and Sydney (Au).

Nevertheless, it remains committed to its main principles and specificities: address fire risk in all its dimensions in an integrated and multidisciplinary manner, drawing on the excellence of sectoral or even integrative scientific contributions; bring together work on hazard, fire models, fuel, control, and natural and anthropogenic vulnerabilities, the impact of fire on ecosystems, on nature-urban interface areas, in order to best anticipate future territorial changes and prevent the expected increase in fire risk; finally, to bring researchers and decision-makers closer to risk management and actors in the territories and in the fight against forest fires, both to facilitate the transfer of knowledge resulting from research to the operational world, but also to enable the formulation of new and more relevant research questions, in order to respond as quickly and effectively as possible to the great challenge facing the community of forest fire stakeholders.