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Transports & meals2016

In order to facilitate the organisation of the conference, we would like to know your thoughts in terms of transports and meals. Please check the DOODLE at the bottom of this page.

Select your transports

Free shuttle service: Aix-en-Provence <–> ENSOSP

On May 25 and 26, a free shuttle service will be offered from Aix city centre to the ENSOSP. It will drive participants back to the same place every evening.

> Meeting at 08:15 am in front of the Apple Store (on the Rotunda square). The bus will pick passengers up on the Avenue des Belges (around 500 m walk from the Rotunda). Meeting at 06:30 pm at the ENSOSP.

Field trip

On May 27, a field trip will be organised including transportation by bus from Aix-en-Provence city center and back to Marseille-Provence airport, Aix-TGV railway station and Aix city center.

Choose your menus

Please let us know your choices for the Gala Dinner and the lunch in Marseille (during the field trip).

Fill-in the Doodle

Please check the following FORM (2 pages) before filling-in the Doodle HERE.

Thank you very much for your help!